XM Radio needs roadway Tunnel Satellite Service Relays

I recently drove through the Boston Tunnel after traveling along the east coast. After passing through several tunnels along the road I noticed that the XM radio was switched off. Of course I was not surprised because it is difficult to get a signal while you are underground from a satellite. But every time I entered a tunnel, I happened to listen to a really great song at the 80s station. The Baltimore Tunnel was no problem, there was no traffic and I sailed on; no problem. In New York it took a while to travel through the tunnel due to traffic, but a few extra minutes and then the radio was as good as gold again. The real problem was in Boston and the traffic was heavy. I spent almost 20 minutes in the Big Dig, without the radio and had my CD collection in the back and couldn't stand for it. This led me to believe that there had to be a better way. XM Radio has a small delay, so you can pass over the highway without interrupting your music or news on one of the more than 200 channels. However, when you go through long tunnels or in canyons, you often miss the signal because you do not have a direct line of sight to the satellite.

XM Radio should make a deal with the government agencies that operate these tunnels to put relays on the inputs to ensure that the signals are available in the tunnels, to keep people happy and to prevent anger on the road. If you are considering the incriminating behavior of some of these Bostonians here, you would certainly agree. Nowhere in the country are the drivers as rude as in Boston, Massachusetts. No wonder they parked the car in Harvard's garden. I was thrown off by a man from his sunroof who honked his horn with his elbow while he spoke on his car phone. It was clear that this gentleman had a bad hair day and was also a little concerned that his XM radio was not working either? Could all this be prevented with a little music to calm the average beast? Think about it.

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