Planning a vacation requires taking into account the parking problems of that city

A common dream is to see the places you see in movies. The most common dream is to visit the United States and to name a few are Chicago, Washington, Miami, LA, New York, Boston, and so on. These have the means and there is nothing to stop you from seeing these places in reality.

If you are lucky and have family, you can travel alone and the key is to have a suitable visa. Visit the US with a B1 or B2 visa that refers to a non-immigrant visa. This is given to people who want to see the US for medical treatment, pleasure or business. Applying for a visa means that you have to show a sponsor letter from a family member or from your employer to get a residence permit.

You must answer the question at the embassy, ​​so determine the purpose of the trip and use the right tourist visa. Keep in mind that you have enough money to bear your costs during the trip, in addition to airline tickets, insurance, transport and other tourism costs.

If you are from Europe or the US, travel to the sunny part of Asia. It offers the comfort of technology and a different culture. If you like shopping, visit Bangkok and enjoy shopping all day and night. The night market is full and the beaches are inviting.

The Philippines is also a lively and colorful country with tourist destinations. The culture is different on every island based on the religious festivals. Enjoy different places such as diving and the white sand of the beach.

If you belong to Asia, travel to snowy places or sunny places, from the US and Europe. Visit Las Vegas or Hollywood and see the city & # 39; night as it comes to life. Taste the snow in the winter. Visit Hawaii and enjoy the fun culture, the poi and the hula girls. Get a first-hand experience with the volcanoes. They are the best places to retire and explore. Plan your travel plan and ensure the best of your journey.

This brings with it the experience of large cities with many parking problems. Parking is even a task for the residents. People living in large cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Washington and San Francisco are aware that finding a parking space is time-consuming and very difficult.

Large cities are forced to tackle the problem of chronic parking places, whether on the street or in the garages. In addition, major cities in most areas have to pay for street parking on weekdays and Saturdays, while parking is free on Sundays.

Looking for parking is frustrating and very stressful. The usual complaints are:

  • Insufficient space, spaces are far away, too much parking costs, where to park, double parking or searching and parking in an illegal location.
  • Car is being towed, non-availability of parking permit, rude parking staff

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