Hotel accommodation in London – A marketing overview

This is an article to discuss the perspective of an accommodation booking office in Central London.

Due to the rise of the travel and tourism sector throughout Great Britain, there is a huge increase in tourists coming to London. London, a very large city, is divided into zones – more to the benefit of an underground traveler who has now become a means of calculating how expensive (in terms of ownership) and chic a place is. Zone 1, consisting of areas such as Victoria, Kensington, Bayswater, Tower Hill, Aldgate and Kings Cross, is rated # 1 followed by zones 2,3,4,5 and 6.

Together, London has around 2000 hotels / bed & breakfasts / lodges / motels / apartments to offer and the number of agencies selling this property is not much less than that. Therefore, starting a new agency service to sell the same accommodation must be properly targeted and the marketing rules must be defined on the table before work begins, otherwise it will be a failure with so much competition.

We have analyzed the market and to our surprise we discovered that the global market has already been taken up by top agencies such as expedia, laterooms, sofa bed etc. All of these agencies have a huge presence in almost all countries around the world and therefore all tourism is carried out via their websites or GDS & # 39;

We looked a bit within that range and discovered that the most easily accessible target group is that within England and if that sounds like a scary picture, the figure stands at no less than 1 million traveling tourists a year. And there is no one who is addressing them wholeheartedly.

That was 2 years ago and due to timely and realistic estimates and marketing strategies for selling hotels in Central London, we were able to create one of the largest booking services for hotels in central London.

There is always a niche market waiting to be discovered.

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